jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Old train station of La Ligua

Estación de Rayado, originally uploaded by comerciaonline.
Tomorrow I'll travel to La Ligua...I'm so happy for this. I'll see to my family and we'll go to the beach yay!
I post photos soon :)

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Amarettogirl dijo...

Tenga un tiempo maravilloso! Parece que ya tienes bastante widgets pero...I took yours and I wish you woould take mine;) I got into that whole thing late:(( I hope I'm not too late...Mine is called Rettogirl and you can find her here:
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Chelsea dijo...

I hope you had fun visiting your family!

Gabriela dijo...

Im waiting thosefphotos right now :D
Buen viaje! :D

Con pájaros en mi cabeza dijo...

Thanks friends!!
I hope have much fun in the beach....here is raining right now...I love the autumn in the sea :)
AmarettoGirl...I'll grab your button today :)
Thanks for share mine!

The Curious Pug dijo...

can't wait to see photos! i hope you have a great time.

also, thanks for posting my blog button! i added yours to my blog in return. have a great weekend!