miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

Today I felt...

Today I felt so tired I could hardly concentrate on my work ... I have a thousand ideas running around my head, a lot of other things to do, and I feel that I run out of energy ... I wish I had time to walk without the weight of a office job (I love that job, it's true)...but I want to create, design, knitting ... take liters of green tea and petting my cat.

...Definitely, today I take the time to do all that. At the end, of that it's all, to make decisions that make you happy :)

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d_a2creaciones dijo...

Hermosa secuencia de fotos !!!
El gatito blancó es exquisito.
Muchas gracias por tu ayuda.
Lo prometido es deuda.
Visite mi blog.

Lu dijo...

I've just added your widget to my blog! :)
Love, Lu

Con pájaros en mi cabeza dijo...

Thanks for support my blog too!
I added your widget today :) I love it!