lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

images for a inspiring week

I've been thinking in a lots of things these days:

- Origamy goodies (makes me happy :)


-Vintage Circus Style (makes me feel so little)

- Drink tons of tea this cold days in the south (tea calms me)

- beautiful packages for my shop (paper and ribbons inspiring me)

And some amazing craft collections:

(All images via

So...what is inspiring you this week?

3 comentarios:

Lu dijo...

These origamis are cute. :) I'm mostly inspired by Berlin, everytime I go there I see so many things that inspire me, for example on the flea market, in shops, in crafting stores or when just looking at all the interesting people passing by. :) Moreover, the Internet is a great source of inspiration as long as one doesn't steal the ideas of others. :)

rev dijo...

wow, i LOVE those packages girl! and tea calms me down too. YEAH for tea!

Con pájaros en mi cabeza dijo...

hahahah yes, it's true...Tea is awesome :)
I find inspiration in internet too...moreover because I can meet to others crafters.